Ukulele Jazz
    Ukulele Jazz Ukulele Jazz : Live in Concert

Here are a few brief words from Benny Chong about his Album.

Somewhere around 1998 I had a new pickup installed in my
‘ukulele. After fooling around a bit, I decided to try it at work
for one night. I am a guitarist with the “DON HO SHOW”.
After the show Don asked me to continue to play the ‘ukulele
on any song that I felt it would compliment. From there he
encouraged me to do solos before and during the show. Playing
the ‘ukulele again has been fun because of Don.

Nathan Aweau was the first person to offer his help in putting
this project together. He is one of the most gifted young musician
I’ve had the pleasure to work with. His talent is evident as you
listen to his ensemble arrangements. His knowledge and
understanding of many different forms of music and what it
takes to make it “groove” is very impressive.

Dr. Byron Yasui is the first person to ask me to perform in
concert as an ‘ukulele soloist. He also has shown me the value
of learning music theory and through his teachings he has
elevated my knowledge of music. A professor of music at the
University of Hawaii, his specialty is music composition and
theory. His original compositions have been performed
worldwide and as a premier bassist, classical guitarist, and
‘ukulele virtuoso he has performed with many of the most
renowned classical and jazz artist in the world.

Much more could easily be written about these individuals. Their
accomplishments are numerous and their credentials are
impressive. I have learned much through association and by
performing with them. They are my peers and we share the same
passion for music. But more important, they are my friends.

Benny Chong